The project

The effective protection of the right to healthy and high quality nutrition (food safety) is a need which has been felt crucial over the last decades, given the contemporaneous growth of world population and the increasing demand on the disposable resources, on the one hand, and the more frequent pandemic cases of foodborne illness and disease due to the consumption of contaminated food resulting from unlawful practices and frauds registered along the entire food supply chain (from production to conservation and distribution of food), on the other hand.

The research approach proposed in the Project to analyze the selected issues does not follow the one usually adopted by life-sciences to investigate new instruments of innovation technology, since such a method does not consider its very foundation – i.e. the governance and the right to healthy food – and ignore all the important juridical, socio political and statistical implications of food frauds on the territory and on national and international markets.

The Project aims precisely at identifying all the different elements necessary to define a ‘food governance’ through the contribution of political science, law, statistics and economics.

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