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About Us

Worlds of AudioVision was set up in 2007, continuing research work begun during the seminar Audiovisual communication: image and sound in the cinema and in multimedia texts, coordinated by Gianmario Borio and Elena Mosconi as part of the PhD in Musicology at the Università di Pavia. On the basis of the results produced in the first year, the research group decided to continue its activities, extending participation to PhD students and researchers in the Universities of Pavia, Statale di Milano, Cattolica, IULM and Bologna.


Worlds of AudioVision aims to ensure closer collaboration between historians of cinema, musicologists and experts in neighbouring fields in analysing cultural products which can only be appreciated through an interdisciplinary approach. The importance of audiovisual communication in recent decades, both artistically and in the everyday world, makes it essential to set up an exchange between experts in cinema, music and other performing arts so as to be able to explore a phenomenon which is technically grounded in, and produces meaning out of, the interaction between various media. Furthermore the concentration of specialist competence from different disciplines ensures on-going confrontation on the methods and results achieved, fostering a wide-ranging theoretical reflection on the status and methodologies used to analyse cinema and audiovisual texts.


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