Double degree

Double Degree Pavia-Belgrano


The University of Pavia and the Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, have established an agreement whereby students of the two universities can spend a year in the partner institution with a view to obtaining a double degree (Laurea Magistralis in World Politics and International Relations in Italy; Licenciatura en Relaciones Internacionales in Argentina).

Eligibility requirements for the double degree program:

  • A bachelor’s degree in political sciences and/or international relations;
  • Good working knowledge of Spanish (most of the teaching in Buenos Aires is in Spanish).

Pavia students initially enrolled in World Politics and International Relations who follow this special program will spend their first semester in Pavia, their second and third semesters in Buenos Aires (corresponding to the Argentinian academic year), and their fourth semester in Pavia, concentrating primarily on their thesis.

Courses on offer in Buenos Aires include:
- Politica exterior argentina y Americana
- Organismos internacionales
- Teoria y practicadiplomatica y consular
- Contratos internacionales
- Analisis politico de la realidadinternacionales
- Abilitacion professional

If you are interested in enrolling in this double degree program you will need to indicate it at the appropriate place on the application form when applying to join the Pavia program in World Politics and International Relations. The University can accept up to four students a year for this double-degree program.

For information on the GUIDELINES before, during, and after the DD program, read here.

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