Dorcas Heward-Mills - WPIR Student 2021-2023

Dorcas Heward-Mills

“I was interested in IR because I wanted to develop a comprehensive awareness of global society and acquire the knowledge, skills, and requisite qualification that, given my future objectives and potential professional career. I have learned a great deal about the historical roots of global and regional superpowers, the comparison of political economies with relevant models, important security, legal, and diplomatic issues that embody international relations…

Kristoffer Andreas Auklend - WPIR Student 2021-2023

Kristoffer Andreas Auklend

“My decision to enroll in the WPIR master’s program at the University of Pavia stemmed from its distinctive multidisciplinary approach. I found the WPIR courses to be exceptionally interactive, a subtle distinction that I think significantly impacts our ability to communicate effectively and deliver compelling presentations. As a multidisciplinary program, WPIR offers a broad array of elective courses, which provided me the opportunity to…

Jacqueline Tacconelli - WPIR student 2021-2023

Jacqueline Tacconelli

I had remained like this, stopped at the first steps of many routes, with my spirit full of worlds.” – “Uno, nessuno e centomila” by Luigi Pirandello

“University of Pavia was the perfect solution for my MA journey. In WPIR you will establish a close interaction with your colleagues and your lecturers, all having very international backgrounds which is one of the chief assets of this degree. I feel I can always share my knowledge and seek assistance from my instructors who are able to provide personalized feedback to each of us…

Filippo Cotta - WPIR student 2018-2019

Filippo Cotta

“I attended my Bachelor’s in Pavia and I fell in love with the city thanks to its chill yet international vibe. Pavia is tiny yet vibrant as it is packed with Italian and international students. I learned how to properly conduct research, and perfected my academic writing proficiency in English and French. This enabled me to publish English-language articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. The WPIR program definitely helped me in developing skills that…