Rules on how to sit exams during the Summer exam session

Rules on how to sit exams during the Summer exam session

(June-September 2022)


1) During the Summer exam session, oral and written exams will be held in presence.

2) Only for oral exams: the teacher can exceptionally agree on an online exam with those students presenting a reasoned request. Since this will be an exception, the possibility is reserved only for part of the students registered for the exam.

3) A student has a right to sit an (oral or written) exam online only if the obstacle to sitting the exam is due to limitations connected to Covid-19 that must be objective, independent from his/her will, and certifiable. The student will have to submit a self-certification by email to the responsible teacher in copy to declaring

- Isolation (for positivity)

- Compulsory quarantine (close contact with positive in the 7 days preceding the exam)

- Fragility condition (by analogy with workers you can refer to the family or health fragilities indicated here:


We remind you that during exams in presence you are expected to wear FFP2 masks. In case of positivity or suspected positivity to Covid after sitting the exam in presence, it is necessary to give prompt communication to the University Covid contact person at