Law of Regional Integration

6 credits

Teacher responsible: Katarzyna Gromek-Broc

This course focuses mainly on the legal aspects of regional integration including, however, some interdisciplinary elements. It introduces students to the theory and practice of the Law governing regional integration. The course has a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical partlooks at various approaches to integration providing a general overview of the theories of integration. This part also includes the relevant principles, rules and procedures of International Treaty Law. It covers the institutional design of regional integration and the functioning of specific instruments of law enforcement between sovereign states. The practical part will be based upon the analysis of different patterns of regional integration: legal framework (treaties and other sources), functions, structure and powers of the main institutions, mechanisms of law enforcement.

The programme covers some relevant elements of International Treaty Law (negotiation, conclusion, ratification and amendment of the treaties, the principle of conferral; fulfilment of the obligations arising out of the Treaties), regional courts of justice; relationship between international and national law. It examines some examples of regional integration (the EU, the Andean Pact, Mercosur, etc.).


Relevant sections of

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Ziller J., The Challenge of Governance in Regional Integration – Key Experiences From Europe EUI, Working papers Law n° 2005/11

Further reading:

Crawford J.,Brownlie’s Principles of Public International Law, (8th ed., OUP) 2012

Cannizaro E., The Law of the Treaties beyond the Vienna Convention (OUP) 2011 (a few chapters will be provided)

Alternatively, there are a few new texts

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