Negotiating and Management Skills in International Organizations

6 credits

Teacher responsible: Prof. Jacques Ziller

Presentation : The purpose of the Laboratory is to start developing some of the main skills that are needed for effective work in international organisations, for staff members of the organisation itself and of permanent representations or other bodies participating in negotiations hosted by an international organisation at world or regional level. The relevant skills are not only negotiation skills stricto sensu, but also skills chairing sessions, for efficient teamwork, for effective use of communication techniques and for the preparation of appropriate files for negotiators.

Programme (max 6-8 items): moot preparation of an international summit of Heads of State or Heads of Governments ; moot negotiation in the framework of a working party of the Council of the European Union ; a series of shorter exercises for the chairing of meetings, the preparation of files for negotiators, for briefing and debriefing, etc.

Exam (essay/written/oral):  Mark for participation in exercises + a short oral.

Readings: Documents will be available on-line for the exercises

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