Italian Politics and Society

6 credits

Teacher responsible: Prof Ian Carter

Other teachers: Donatella Bolech, Enrica Chiappero, Francesco Chiesa, Maria Antonietta Confalonieri, Silvia Illari, Guido Legnante, Leonardo Parri, Riccardo Puglisi.

The course aims to introduce students to the main features of the Italian political system and society. Although it is designed principally for foreign students at Pavia University, but it is also open to Italian students.

The course covers a range of topics, including: Italian political institutions; Italian economic development; regional differences; the Italian welfare state; the Italian party system; media and electoral campaigns in Italy; Italian political ideas; controversies in public ethics; Italy’s contribution to European integration; the impact of European integration on Italian politics and policies.

The course consists of a mixture of lectures and seminars. Lectures and seminars are held by different members of the Department of Political and Social Sciences. The purpose of the lectures is to provide background knowledge that will be useful for the seminars, in which students are required to give oral presentations and discuss them with other students. Each seminar will begin with one or two students’ presentations based on the relevant reading(s). The presentation will be followed by a discussion coordinated by a lecturer specialized in the relevant topic.

Updated information on the course – including the updated course programme, schedule, and readings – is available in the ‘Teaching material’ section of Prof Ceva’s webpage.

Enrolled students may view the full course syllabus via Kiro.