Instructions for Referees

Dear Referee,

The student who has sent you this message is applying for admission to Pavia University’s two-year Master program in World Politics and International Relations ( We would be grateful if you could provide a confidential assessment of the candidate’s intellectual achievements, abilities, and suitability for our degree program.

Please send your reference (either as an attachment or in the main body of an email) to:

We prefer references that include a comparison of the candidate’s achievements with those of other students on the same degree program or individual course. The most useful comparisons are statistical and refer to exam marks. For example, do the student’s marks place him/her within the top 50%, the top 20%, or the top 10%? If you are not based in Europe, a brief explanation of your marking system would be much appreciated (for example, which marks correspond to “good”, and which to “excellent”).

Please write in one of the following languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German. The applicant should inform you of the deadline.

Thank you for helping with our admissions process.

Department of Political and Social Sciences
University of Pavia
Corso Strada Nuova 65
27100 Pavia
Tel: +39 0382 986925