Instructions for applicants whose first degree was taken IN Italy.

Instructions for applicants whose first degree was taken IN Italy.

Please check the deadlines (see below) for this application process.

1.        Enter your personal data into the Pavia University registration website at this address.

Click on “Registration”, fill in the spaces and follow the instructions to sign up for the “evaluation test” (test di valutazione):


Please upload the following files:

1. A scan of your identity card or passport;

2.  A scan of an academic transcript supplied by your university (or, where not available, a scan of a statement signed by yourself) containing the individual exams taken (or to be taken) for your first degree, the marks for individual exams already taken, and (where available) numbers of credits for each exam;

3.  A curriculum vitae, including a photograph of yourself;

4.  A scan of your English language certificate (see minimal entry requirements), or else of certified confirmation that your first degree was in English;

5.  WPIR Application form. To download your application form, click here.

After you have successfully uploaded all the files, please proceed with the payment of the application fee of € 35, using your credit card through the “PAGO PA” procedure, following the “PAGO PA” option directly at the end of the uploading of the files.

2. Arrange for two academic references to be sent by email to the address (references should arrive preferably by the relevant application deadline).

Both of the letters should be written by academics who have had some experience of teaching you. When requesting letters from your referees, please send them our instructions. References will be treated as confidential and must be submitted directly by the referees using their institutional email addresses. References submitted by the applicants themselves will not be considered.

Once the two steps have been completed, you will be formally registered for the admission interview, which will take place shortly after the relevant application deadline.

Application period and deadlines

The application and enrollment procedure is open from 16 May to 3 October 2022.
Registration instructions HERE (in Italian)


The appointments for the interviews will be communicated to applicants by email shortly after the application deadline.

Applicants will be asked to specify, on the application form, whether they prefer to be interviewed in person (in Pavia) or by skype. In the latter case, interviews must use the video as well as the audio facility.

The interview, held in English, will include some questions designed to assess applicants’ analytical, argumentative, and critical abilities. The interview will not normally presuppose specialist knowledge in particular disciplines.

Applicants are normally notified about the outcome of the application process within a week after the interview. Successful applicants are then provided with instructions about enrollment.

Enrollment instructions HERE (in Italian)  from 16 May to 3 October 2022.

Since 4 to 14 October 2022 it is still possible to enrol paying an extra fee

Attendance requirement

Applicants should be aware that, in accordance with the statute of the degree program, enrollment in World Politics and International Relations carries with it a commitment to attend all classes for the degree programme’s core courses.


Pavia University sometimes offers financial support and grants to students. For more details please visit this page.

How and where to take an English Language test

You can register to take the TOEFL test here:

You can register to take the IELTS test here:

Full instructions are provided at these websites. In most localities around the world, there are frequent opportunities to take TOEFL and IELTS (often as frequent as once a week).

Paviastudents have opportunities to take English tests (Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)  and Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (CPE)) for reduced fees at the University’s Centro Linguistico (once a year, usually in June). Otherwise, the internet-based TOEFL test can be taken at the Flag School in Pavia, and there are also weekly opportunities to take the TOEFL or IELTS in Milan.