Marta Bo

Academic profile:

Marta Bo International Criminal Justice before the ICC fall 2015

Dr. Marta Bo is a Visiting Professional at the Office of Public Counsel for Victims at the International Criminal Court. She holds an LL.M. from the University of Leiden and a Ph.D. from the University of Genoa, Italy. She has previously worked as a lawyer in two criminal law firms in Italy, at the ICTY (2007), and the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute in London (2013). She works pro bono for the Peace and Justice Initiative, an NGO whose ultimate aim is the universal effective implementation of the ICC Statute and which, for that purpose, is involved in drafting amicus curiae briefs before national and international courts. She currently lectures at Bocconi University.


International Criminal Justice before the ICC

Objectives of the Course:
The purpose of the course is to acquaint students with the fundamentals of international criminal law and policy. An overview of substantive and procedural issues of international criminal law will be offered.
Subsequently, selected controversial issues related to the work of the International Criminal Court will be presented and discussed.
First, the Court’s relationship with States and the United Nations Security Council will be scrutinized through the lens of the principle of complementarity and the impact of the United Nations Security Council’s referrals on the practice before the Court. Second, the Court’s underlying political dimension and the critiques leveled against it will be explored. Finally, the legal framework for victims’ participation and the principles of reparation provided for by the Rome Statute and recent case law will be critically assessed.

Mode of Instruction:
Aside from attending classes, students will be guided through the analysis of relevant excerpts of ICC’s decisions in order to strengthen their ability to interpret and analyze legal documents.