Given its interdisciplinary and comparative nature, the Laurea Magistralis in World Politics and International Relations provides students with a broad perspective on current global issues, an understanding of the genesis and the evolution of major international changes, and an ability to recognize and evaluate their theoretical and practical outcomes.

This broad-based training in international affairs offers a solid basis for careers in national diplomatic services, in International Governmental Organizations (including European organizations), and in NGOs, as well as positions for analysts and consultants in internationally oriented private and public companies, public administrations, and research institutes. It also offers the basis for continued university studies at the PhD level.

Camillo Toscano

Camillo Toscano, BA and MA student, 2007-2012

“Studying International Relations at the University of Pavia has been very enriching both academically and personally. Thanks to the many activities and courses provided by the Faculty, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in numerous fields: economics, sociology, international history, international and EU law, international politics and diplomacy. Moreover, living in the stimulating environment of one of the renowned colleges of Pavia and enjoying the benefits of the Coimbra Student Exchange Network have allowed me to face up to future challenges with all the necessary tools. Bearing in mind the experiences of many alumni I know, I feel sure that this course will prepare students for successful professional careers worldwide.”