Academic Writing

3 credits

LECTURER: Prof. Cristina Mariotti


1)      Introduction to writing expository and argumentative academic texts in English.

2)      Basic units in written texts (phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs); connecting text units correctly and effectively: Punctuation (part I).

3)      Connecting text units correctly and effectively: Punctuation (part II), linking words.

4)      Lexis and spelling conventions; how to use a dictionary effectively.

5)      Academic genres: Reports, essays, research papers and dissertations.

6)      The writing process: Planning and research. Writing an outline in English.

7)      Classroom practice: Turning an outline into a cohesive and coherent essay.

8)      Classroom practice: Problem solving in writing.

9)      The writing process: Drafting, revising and proofreading.

10)   Classroom practice: Finalising the essay



1)      Written test: At the end of lecture no. 10 students will write their final essay in class (monolingual dictionary only). The topic will be provided by the lecturer. It will be possible to sit for the test also on other two dates. Please contact the lecturer ( for information after lecture no. 10.

2)      Oral exam: students will comment on their essay and on the feedback provided by the lecturer. Please register for the oral exam via Esse-3 (if you have problems finding the name of the course, please refer to Inglese Avanzato).



1)      Photocopies available at C.L.U. (Via San Fermo 3) starting from February 2013.

2)      Seely, John, The Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking, Oxford University Press, latest edition (pp. 55-83 and 159-291) (two copies are available at the library of the Department of Political and Social Sciences).

3)      For grammar revision: Martin Hewings, Advanced Grammar in Use, Edition with Answers, Cambridge University Press.

4)      Suggested dictionaries:

-Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Oxford University Press, new edition.

-Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary, Collins, latest edition.

-Longman English Language Dictionary, Ultima Edizione, latest edition.