Panel 5 – Citizens without a State. Conceptualizations and Practices of Citizenship among Palestinians in their Struggle for Equality, Nationhood, and Self-determination

Martedì 17, ore 16.30-19.00   AULA A

Convenor: Enrico Bartolomei
Discussant: Giovanni Vaggi, Università di Pavia

Enrico Bartolomei, Università di Macerata
“We are all Palestinian citizens”: the Campaign for Direct Elections to the Palestinian National Council

Neil Dawson, King’s College London
Performing Citizenship in Transnational Social Space: The Boundaries of “Inside” and “Outside” in the Palestinian Political Field

Pasquale Macaluso  University of Cape Town
“The Day in which all Palestinians rose up in Revolt”: National Cohesion in Two Works of Fiction on the 1936-39 Palestinian Revolt

Kim Jezabel Zinngrebe, SOAS, University of London
(Re-)occupying Marginal Space: Contemporary Perceptions and Practices of ‘Citizenship’ among Palestinian Feminists in Israel


How does citizenship relate to the Palestinian struggle for return, independence and self-determination? How can Palestinians claim social, civil and political rights in the absence of the most elementary national rights? In which ways should the question of “Palestinian citizenship” be interpreted in the context of entrenched discrimination, continuing occupation, and exclusion? This panel will look at how questions of nationhood, identity and citizenship have been translated in the literature of the 1936-39 Great Revolt and in the struggle of feminists in Israel, of permanent residents of occupied East Jerusalem, as well as Diaspora and refugee groups. It will discuss how conceptualizations and practices of citizenship inform various Palestinian constituencies and groups in their quest for basic rights, equality, and justice.

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