The research activity undertaken by the group assisted and led by Prof. F. C. Rampulla, focussed on the regulatory and jurisprudential scrutiny relating to the controls over drinking water. Prof. F. C. Rampulla in particular examined the control over the methods of managing integrated water services in light of the latest regulatory changes in the matter of managing local public services, and following the law-repealing referendum of June 2011 which established the atypicality of the management models of an integrated water service. Lawyer A. Venturi examined, from a multilevel perspective, the issue concerning the matter of quality controls on drinking water, with reference to the position of the consumer and the maintaining of quality standards set by the WHO and the compliance with both European Community as well as Italian Government regulations. Lawyer A. Pavesi, on the other hand, investigated the regulatory processes and jurisprudential approaches concerning the use of water in the preparation of foods and as an ingredient in food production. He then examined the topic concerning the relationship that exists between water and food safety, from the point of view of quality as well as quantity. He also looked in greater detail at the problems concerning the use of water in agriculture as well as aquaculture, as well as the regulation of mineral waters also with regard to fraudulent activities in commerce. Finally Dr V. Nicolardi examined the technical domestic issues relating to the quality controls on drinking water, highlighting the areas of competence and the interpretative criticalities with reference to the application of Legislative Decree 31/2001. The study conducted by the group under scrutiny was published in its entirety in 2011 in issues 9, 10 and 11 of the magazine “Diritto e giurisprudenza agraria, alimentare e dell’ambiente” (Agricultural, food and environmental law and jurisprudence)  published by Tellus, Rome,  under the title “Drinking water for human consumption: as an element in the preparation of and an ingredient in foods and drinks. Mineral waters”.

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