(Italiano) Economia

The goal of this research unit is that of conducting a statistical-econometric study of individual opinions on food quality, beginning with some of the information provided by the Eurobarometer. Reference is made, in particular, to a report entitled “Eurobarometer Special 354 – Food-related risks”. This investigation, carried out periodically at a on a European scale by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), centres on the perception that European citizens are at risk from food.

From this point of view, we have proposed identifying the key issues, at an individual and country-wide level, regarding the opinions of citizens on the quality and safety of food, following a multi-country approach similar to that of Roosen et al. (2003) and Tonsoret al. (2009).

With respect to individual variables we will be focussing in particular on the age and gender of the interviewees, their levels of income and standard of education. With regard to country-wide variables, we propose investigating the link that exists between individual perceptions on food safety, the general characteristics of the political system and the specific aspects of the controls in the field of food, adopting an approach that is similar to that of Profeta et al. (2010).

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