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Architetture dei processori (corso estinto)

Advanced Computer Architectures


Ricevimento/Office hours:
il ricevimento di Martedi 15-17 è spostato a Martedi 11-13 a partire dal 15/01/2018
Office hours previously on Tuesday 15-17 moved to Tuesday 11-13 starting on 15-01-2018

Lab for porting the project on Google Cloud Platform (09-01-2018 B2 9.00 and 10-01-2018 B2 16.00)
Students are advised to bring a PC Laptop of their own
Please, check the mandatory e-mail info (the official university email) in this file;
link to file
the university email is required to access GCP for the ACA project.

Slides on GCP here

MELTDOWN and SPECTRE pitfalls in INTEL, AMD, ARM processors
read Google's Project Zero report on the role 
speculative execution in modern processors

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