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* EXIBITION: From research to design - Selected architects from Tongji University of Shanghai

Triennale di Milano, 5th - 23th September

* OPENING EXIBITION EVENT: Lecture by Wang Shu (Pritzker Architecture Prize 2012)

Triennale di Milano, 4th September, 5.00PM

* STUDY PLAN: 5th year in Shanghai for Double Degree students

Tongji University of Shanghai, 2012/2013

* Academic Calendar, 2012-2013

University of Pavia

* Chinese Tutors for Pavia Master Students 2011-2012

* Double Degree Chinese Students selected, 2012-2013

Tongji University of Shanghai, 2012

* Double Degree Students selected, 2011-2012

Pavia, February 2012

* Garlasco Architectural Competition's results

Pavia, January 2012

* Changing Shanghai-from expo's after use to new green towns

Pavia, 2010/2011

* Projects' revision: Landscape and Composition 3

Pavia, 21st October 2011

* New Chinese students' arrival in Pavia

Pavia, October 2011