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Funct Neur.



  • 2014 Oct-Dec;29(4):221The urgent need for a systems biology approach to neurology
  • 2014 Jan-Mar;29(1):5 - Magnetic stimulation of the cerebellum. Moving towards the clinic. - Giacomo Koch; Egidio D’Angelo.


  • 2013;28(3):143-144 -The XXIV Ottorino Rossi Award. SPECIAL ISSUE -Published to coincide with the joint HBP – OTTORINO ROSSI AWARD meeting, 17-18 October 2013 (Pavia, Italy).


  • 2012;27(2):77 - Toward the connectomic era. Egidio D’Angelo.
  • 2012;27(1):5 - New trends in Neuroscience: the challenge of Functional NeurologyEgidio D’Angelo.
  • 2010;25(3):125-127 -  Neural circuit function and dysfunction in the cerebellum: from neurons to integrated control. Egidio D’Angelo.
  • 2008; 23(4):169-170 - Non-invasive imaging of brain structure and function in neural connectivity analysis.  Stefano Bastianello, Francesca Romana PezzellaEgidio D’Angelo.



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