School of Physiology and Biophysics (SIF) 2015

Molecular and cellular biophysics of excitable cells
Società Italiana di Fisiologia
Pavia 29 giugno 2015 – 2 luglio 2015

Day 1 – 29/06/2015

Neurons, Networks and Robots (Prof. Egidio D’Angelo)

Movie 1: Single neuron model simulation
Movie 2: Neuronal network model simulation
Movie 3: EBCC robotic simulation

Electrophysiology and imaging: methods Patch-clamp and calcium imaging recordings (Prof. Sergio Masetto e Dr. Francesco Moccia)

Extracellular recordings and MEA (Dr. Lisa Mapelli)

Day 2 – 30/06/2015

Analisi delle correnti di Na secondo Hodgkin e Huxley (Prof. Mauro Toselli)

Analisi degli eventi elettrici sinaptici registrati postsinapticamente (Prof. Jacopo Magistretti)

Analysis of local field potentials and spike sorting  (Dr. Lisa Mapelli)

Day 3  – 01/07/2015

Realistic computational model of cerebellar neurons (Dr. Stefano Masoli)

Day 4 – 02/07/2015

Structure and function of the myosin motor in striated muscle: insights from myosin mutations (Prof. Roberto Bottinelli)

Skeletal muscle plasticity: functional analysis at cellular and molecular level (Prof. Monica Canepari)

Skeletal muscle plasticity: proteomic & intracellular signalling pathways analysis (Prof. Maria Antonietta Pellegrino)


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