200-300 micrometers thick cerebellar slices are used to investigate neuronal and synaptic properties.

The focal recording technique allows to record the signal from several neurons simoultaneously.



Examples of focal recordings from cerebellar granular layer:

field Arianna

IFS = Intrafolial Stimulation
TFS = Transfolial Stimulation






Relevant pubblications:

  • Arianna Maffei, Francesca Prestori, Paola Rossi, Vanni Taglietti, Egidio D’Angelo. (2002) Presynaptic current changes at the mossy fiber – granule cell synapse of cerebellum during LTP. The Journal of Neurophysiology, Vol. 88, pp. 627-638.

  • A. Maffei, F. Prestori, K. Shibuki, P. Rossi, V. Taglietti, and E. D’Angelo. (2003) NO Enhances Presynaptic Currents During Cerebellar Mossy Fiber-Granule Cell LTP. J Neurophysiol 90, pp. 2478-2483.

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