PhD students


Ileana Montagna

Ileana Montagna holds a Bachelor in Molecular Biology (University of Naples Federico II) and a Master’s degree in Neurobiology (University of Pavia). She is currently a PhD student in Biomedical Sciences at University of Pavia.

Techniques: In vivo electrophysiology and optogenetics on mice.
Research field: Investigation of cerebellar plasticity and functional connectivity with other areas of the brain.

Anita Monteverdi

Anita Monteverdi is a PhD student in Physiology (University of Pavia). She holds a Master degree in Medicinal Chemistry (University of Pavia) and prepared her thesis in collaboration with the Institute of Neurology,UCL (London).

Techniques: High Density Multielectrode array recordings on cerebellar slices; functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging(fMRI); MR spectroscopy (MRs).

Research field: Electrophysiological and imaging investigation of cerebellar network function







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