PhD students

Gagliano GGiuseppe Gagliano
Giuseppe holds a degree in Biology (University of Palermo) and a specialization in Biomedical Sciences (University of Pavia).
Research field: Investigating the neurovascular coupling at the cerebellar granular layer using electrophysiological and imaging techniques.


Moscato LLetizia Moscato
Letizia holds a degree in Biology (University of Messina) and a specialization in Neurobiology (University of Pavia). She prepared her master thesis at the Erasmus MC of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in Chris De Zeeuw’s lab.

    • Techniques: In vivo extracellular recordings performed throught Multielectrode Arrays (MEA) System.

    • Research field: Plasticity in deep cerebellar nuclei cells in vivo.

Rizza MMartina Rizza





Tognolina MMarialuisa Tognolina
Marialuisa is a PhD student in Physiology and Neuroscience (University of Pavia).

Techniques: Two-photon microscopy, calcium imaging, patch clamp

Research field: Long-term plasticity at the mossy fibers-granule cells synapses



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