Mapelli LLisa Mapelli
Lisa Mapelli holds a degree in Biology (2004, University of Pavia) and a PhD in Physiology and Neuroscience (2008, University of Pavia). Her main interests are the modulation of spatio-temporal distribution of excitation and inhibition in physiological and pathological conditions, as well as the neurovascular coupling in the cerebellar granular layer.

  • Techniques: patch-clamp recordings and VSD imaging in brain slices.
  • Research field: synaptic inhibition and spatiotemporal distribution of excitation in the cerebellar cortex; neurovascular coupling.

Prestori FFrancesca Prestori
Francesca has been at the lab since 1998. She works with Prof. D’Angelo on mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity at mossy fiber-granule cell relay of cerebellum. Her work techniques include Ca2+ imaging, Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) and whole-cell patch clamp recordings using either “blind” or “visual” patch approach.

Tritto SimonaSimona Tritto
Simona Tritto holds a degree in Biology (University of Pavia) and a PhD in Physiology (University of Pavia).

Techniques: PCR, western blot, immunoistochemistry and immunofluorescence, 3D reconstruction and electroporation.
Research field:  expression of different constructs and proteins involved in the cerebellum patophysiology.

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