Egidio D’Angelo - CV (italian version)

Egidio x sito BCCProf. D’Angelo obtained the degree in Medicine as a fellow of Collegio Ghislieri in Pavia. Then, during his career in electrophysiogical research, he completed an MD in Neurology. His main scientific interests include the function of neurons, synapse and networks of the brain, with a special interest for cellular and synaptic mechanisms of synaptic plasticity.

He is currently:

      • Full Professor of Physiology at the Dept. of  Brain and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Pavia. (He’s Supervisor of the Unit of Neurophysiology at this Department)
      • Director of the Brain Connectivity Center (BCC) of the IRCCS C. Mondino of Pavia.
      • Coordinator of the PhD in Biomedic Sciences of the University of Pavia
      • Member of the Scientific Committee of SINS
      • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Centre for Health Technologies of the University of Pavia
      • Member of Organization Committee of FENS 2014 (Milan)
      • Member of the European Cerebellum Consortium (link)
      • Human Brain Project collaborating scientist (HBP)

Editorial Activity:

Contact:   Egidiomail


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