2013 – meetings

December 12th-13th – London, UK
Final Meeting of CEREBNET

December 2nd – Gemonio (VA), ITALY
Ugo Basile – Workshop

November 29th – Roma, ITALY
Conference “Progetto Cervello Umano: implicazioni etiche e sociali”
University “La Sapienza”, M. Bettolo Room,
Speaker: Egidio D’Angelo “Human Brain Project:  toward brain simulation” 

November 9th-13th – San Diego, California, USA
Annual Meeting on Neuroscience
Organizer: Society of Neuroscience (SFN) – web page –

November 2nd-5th – Milano, ITALY
Fiera Di Milano – Mi.co. (MI)
Egidio D’Angelo TALK on “Human Brain Project: biologically-based modeling of the brain”

October 18th – Pavia, Italy
OTTORINO ROSSI AWARD Symposium – Aula Golgi – Università di Pavia 
Bridging the gap between preclinical and clinical research in neurodegenerative dementias”

This symposium will focus on the gaps that currently separate preclinical and clinical research in neurodegenerative dementias, focusing in particular on Alzheimer’s disease. Eminent foreign and Italian neuroscientists will present their views on the latest acquisitions in the fields of molecular genetics and the pathobiological mechanisms of neurodegenerative dementias, and the neurophysiology of cognitive functions and dysfunctions. They will also comment on future therapeutic perspectives and the development of reliable disease biomarkers for clinical studies.

October 17th – Pavia, Italy – ROUND TABLE
The Human Brain Project (HBP) – The Italian Contribution

October 6th-11th – Lausanne, Switzerland
HBP Summit 2013 (program)
EPFL Campus, Lausanne, Switzerland

October 3rd, 4th, 5th – Rome, Italy – (Program)
SINS – XV National Congress of the Italian Society of Neuroscience

October 3rd, 4th, 5th – Pavia, Italy – DYSPHAGIA 2013 – IV Edizione
“Screening, inquadramento e trattamento delle disfagie neurogene”
Aula C. Berlucchi – Istituto Neurologico C. Mondino – leaflet (draft)

September 20th-21st – Mestre, Italy
MS, every connection counts  -program
Egidio D’Angelo’s ppt on HBP

September 9th-13th – Milano, Italy
FISMAT (Italian National Conference on Condensed Matter Physics)
Conference Flyer – Time table – Fismat2013

August 10th-14th – Coimbatore – INDIA 
Amrita BIO Quest 2013International conference on biotechnology for innovative applications – Neuroscience workshop

July 17th-18th – Paris, FRANCE
CNS*2013 – Organization of Computational Neuroscience
“Computations in the cerebellar circuit – advances on the modeling front”
Organizers: Egidio D’Angelo, John Porrill, Paul Dean, Christian Rössert, Sergio Solinas

June 8th – Pavia – Italyleaflet
Italia Unita per la Scienza
Speakers: Rino Cella; Paolo Attivissimo; Giovanna Riccardi; Rita Maccario; Egidio D’Angelo

April 20th-26th – Salt Lake City, Utah – USA
ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting and Exhibition

April 4th – Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS Department of Neuroscience
Lecture “Theta-frequency resonance regulates spike timing on the millisecond scale in the cerebellum granular layer” – Speaker: Prof. Egidio D’Angelo

February 7th – Pavia, Italy 
Conference at University of Pavia – Aula Scarpa on “Human Brain Project – Le basi biologiche del funzionamento del cervello” – leaflet

February 1st – Paris, FRANCE
Imagin Cerebellum – 8th annual MRI workshop – leaflet


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