The Olivo-Cerebellar SystemAuthor of the textbook of Physiology: D’Angelo E, Galliano E, De Zeeuw CI, The Olivo-Cerebellar System.

2016 –  Frontiers Media SA




cover page illustrationEditor and author of the textbook of Physiology: D’Angelo E, Peres A. - FISIOLOGIA: molecole, cellule, sistemi*.
2006 – EDIERMES, Milano, Italy

*The title reads in English as “Physiology – Molecules, Cells and Systems” and is a detailed course work textbook.

The cover page illustration is from a painting by Greek painter Petros of Athens on Hesiod’s description of birth of Love, Eros from Chaos.




      • handbook 2013 - dangeloEgidio D’Angelo. (2013) Section 3 - Neurotransmission, Neuromodulation, Physiology. Cerebellar Granule Cell. Handbook of the Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders 2013, pp 765-791.




      • D’Angelo E. and Rossi P. (1992) Applicazione delle tecniche di patch-clamp allo studio dell’attività sinaptica in fettine cerebrali. In Approcci molecolari allo studio dei canali ionici, Pythagora Press, pp. 63-70.
      • D’Angelo E. (1997). Elementary and functional aspects of glutamate receptor-mediated signal transduction at a central synapse. Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere (Rend. Sc.) B 131:55-78.










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